Necklace VERMEER *Ebony Rose

3 500  incl. VAT

Vermeer – the pendant earrings and pendant necklace with a zoomed size were inspired by 17th century painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Flemish artist Johannes Vermeer. Each type of the earrings holds dutch girl’s name.
These earrings were first time presented as an accessories for the fashion collection Spring/Summer 2013 by Mira Sabo in the Designblok 2012 fashion week in Prague.
Since then, this piece are developing into an entire jewelry collection.
At Inhorgenta 2015 was presented also variation of pendant necklace and earrings VERMEER EBONY made of ebony wood.
stříbro 925/1000, gold plated, light ebony wood
length of chain 60cm
length of wooden part 5cm


stříbro 925/1000, gold plated, ebony wood

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